We Guarantee You The Most Thorough
Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen


We Guarantee You The Most Thorough
Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen

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Carpet Cleaning Frankston

Carpet Cleaning Frankston is a reputable and experienced cleaning company that have been providing clients of Frankston and frankston south with top quality carpet cleaning services for more than a decade. With the positive feedbacks from past clients, we are more driven to provide the best quality service. Furthermore, we are a holder of IICRC you are rest assured that you get the security in dealing with our top quality professional services.  

To make sure we provide tailored services to our customers, our certified carpet cleaners can do a site visitation to inspect the condition of your carpet. Our professional inspection team will also gather all your requirements and concerns before delivering our service. Expect to get amazing results with our modern techniques. You’ll get the full service that will clean, sanitize and deodorize your carpets and with just a few hours your carpet will be dry.

  • Professional, certified and experienced, Carpet steam Cleaning Frankston is your best choice when it comes to cleaning carpet in the Frankston area. Call us today to get a free quotation.
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Carpet Steam Cleaning - Methods and Processes

Carpet Steam Cleaning or also known as Hot Water Extraction is a technique that deeply cleans and sanitizes your carpet. We’ve listed the step by step procedure down below.

● Thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove loose debris and accumulated dust.

● Then spray the carpet with a cleaning solution to break down any oils or dirt stuck on your carpet.

● Then, using a Truckmount machine, you we will deep clean the carpet. We use the most modern truckmount machines that delivers high heat to kill the germs and Bacteria in the carpet.

● And, lastly, spot clean any stubborn stains left. We deodorize the carpet as a final touch.

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Carpet Cleaning Frankston

Quality Carpet Cleaning Service Guaranteed

● We are an Australian owned business that have an extensive experience in all home and commercial carpet cleaning service in Frankston, the Carpet Cleaning Frankston guarantees.

● That our products, technology and work practices are completely safe for you, your family and your pets

● We only use safe and certified products, techniques and procedures on all our cleaning services. Our professional service may be gentle and safe for occupants but are hard on stains and removal of mites, allergens and Viruses. Getting our service means you, your family and even your pets are free from any dangerous chemicals. There are methods out there that can release fumes that are harmful when inhaled. Harsh chemicals may be effective but we put our client’s health first above anything else.

● At Carpet Cleaning Frankston, we make sure to provide 100% customer satisfaction. But if you are not happy with our service, we will be gladly to redo the procedure from start to finish. Contact us now, and experience the best carpet cleaning service in Frankston.

Choose your preferred carpet cleaning package



  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Moving Light furniture
    3. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    4. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    5. Basic stain treatment
    6. Fibre rinse – Leaving carpet a Soft Feel
    7. Deodorising
    8. Recommended for minor stains




  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Moving Light furniture
    4. Pre conditioner and Spot Treatment
    5. Deep carpet steam clean with Truckmount
    6. Specialized stain treatment
    7. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet a soft Feel
    8. Premium deodorizer
    9. Recommended For Moderate Stains



  1. 1. Pre Inspection
    2. Commercial pre vacuuming
    3. Light furniture moving
    4. Pre spray conditioner
    5. Massaging of carpet fibre
    6. Deep carpet steam cleaning with latest technology
    7. Specialise stain treatment
    8. Fibre rinse – leaving carpet lovely and soft
    9. Deodorising and anti microbial treatment
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