We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen


We Guarantee You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You've Ever Seen

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Pet Odour Removal

Aussies are naturally pet lovers, but just like our little ones, our furry friends can be uncontrollable. Aside from the occasional nibbling (if you’re lucky) of carpets, furniture or your drywall, urine stains can be troublesome and you may need to have a serious training of your pets. While you might be looking for that pet guru to train your pets, you’ll need to remove that dingy small off your carpets at once!

  • To get that quick and efficient cleaning service for your carpet the Carpet Cleaning Frankston is your professional go to. So, you can get back that clean, sanitized and sweet-smelling carpet for your home.
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Why Choose Us?

For the busy pet lover who juggles his or her time from work, home and pets, spending time removing stubborn pet odors can be a challenge. If you have stains on your carpet that can even be more time-consuming since dog and cat urine for instance, can really seep through the fibers and onto the carpet backing. When the stains solidify after a considerable amount of time, the smell is even more overbearing. At Carpet Cleaning Frankston We Can:
Precisely locate the levels of contamination using black light or moisture probe, one of the latest smart equipment we have.

Saturate the located spots with the powerful enzyme treatment that’s friendly to the environment and safe for humans and pets too. This will breakdown the hard compounds so its easier to remove and dilute the odor.

Remove trapped liquid and moisture on your carpet because excess liquid can harbor bacteria, molds and mildew which causes those very bad smells.

Remove other types of stains such wine spills, oil, food or any other liquids that causes stubborn smells and stains.

Treat substrate and the underlying material or areas which includes of course your flooring. If significant damage has been done, there will be a need to replace them to prevent further deterioration.


We offer services that guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

We are experts in pet odour removal, stain treatment and carpet deodorising. We guarantee: As experts and experienced pet odor removal, stain treatment and carpet deodorizing professionals, we are confident that we will

⦿ Be speedy and efficient in our pet urine services, as we know the value of time. The longer we have the stains on your carpet, the greater the likelihood you’ll get permanent damage on your carpet and substrate.

⦿ Use the safest yet most effective chemicals to remove compounds as well as effective in discouraging your pets to come back on that same spot to urinate.

⦿ Our chemicals are of high-grade brands that won’t give off harmful fumes that may be toxic to your family and pets. We also value the environment as well as our cleaning technicians, that is why we only use the safest but quality cleaning agents in the market.

⦿ If the situation is really bad, we will pull back the carpet to treat the underlying areas which include the flooring. In extreme cases, your underlay in the affected area may need to be replaced.

⦿ Clean and dry your carpet at once. We know how long you’ve been longing to have that fresh, clean smell in your home. For quicker drying time, we use the latest tech and methods for a faster turnover.

Our pet odour removal services at Carpet Cleaning Frankston is the best in the area, and rest assured that we are licensed, insured and honest. Our comprehensive pet odor and stain removal process assures you competitive prices and prompt and courteous cleaning technicians.

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