carpet cleaning tips for pet owners

Pet stains and odors on your carpet are the hardest to get rid of especially if they had been on your carpet for a long time. But with proper cleaning methods and procedures, you’ll have your carpet cleaned and odor-free in no time. Here are our carpet cleaning tips for pet owners.

Be Ready For Carpet Cleaning Tips for pet

With having pets around anything can happen, that is why having access to your cleaning equipment and tools is essential. Only select high-quality tools, cleaning solutions, and equipment. You can use enzyme treatments that are made for neutralizing urine odors and stains. The solution can remove bacteria and has an oxygen booster that helps clean up solid wastes from pets. To help out in your carpet cleaning, you will also need a hand-held carpet extractor or a putty knife, and a dustpan can also be an option. Make sure to choose equipment with a reasonable price as the cheaper ones may only contain odor masking solutions instead of the neutralizing agent.

Act Fast To Carpet Cleaning For Pet

Don’t let stains and odors linger longer on your carpet as it can be harder to remove. When these stains dry out they can stick on your carpet and removing it may damage the surface of your carpet.

Do the Right Procedure

Urine Stains: Instead of paper towels, use the extractor instead as it is more effective in removing the urine from the carpet. After using the extractor, put an enzyme treatment. Make sure to read instructions on the product label before applying. Take note though that enzyme treatment is only applicable for nylon carpets.
Solid Messes: Use the scraper and dustpan to scrape up and remove solids from the carpet. Generously apply the oxygenated enzymatic cleaner and wait at least 45 minutes. Scrape up any remaining solids, let the area dry, and vacuum.

Keep Away From Pets

Pets are naturally curious and may come and step on your newly cleaned carpet. The trick is to place an aluminum foil or a plastic bag on the surface. This way, the sound can keep the pets away from the carpet.
Discourage Reoffending

Discourage Pets

Most pets are instinctively territorial and are likely to mark carpets and floor finishes more than once. To discourage pets from urinating on your carpet, vacuum two or three times a week and schedule a routine carpet cleaning by professionals.
There’s no magic formula when it comes to pet stain and odor removal. Instead, it takes the correct techniques and tools to keep your carpet smelling and looking good all the time. Regularly cleaning your carpet may be challenging but worthwhile.

Professional Carpet cleaning Frankston for Efficient Pet Stain Odor Removal
Professional Pet Stain Odor Removal with Carpet Cleaning Frankston

Having a beautiful carpet shouldn’t keep you from having loving pets at home. With a professional service, you can get all the help you need while spending more of your valuable time on more important things. Through Carpet Cleaning Frankston, you’ll get a hassle-free carpet cleaning service with a competitive price and high-quality standards.

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